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Shamanic Practitioner Training - One Year Intensive

Starts in February 2020


This intensive one year training follows the same curriculum as the two year shamanic practitioner training, the extended duration of each gathering and concentration of home based practice over a shorter time frame will require focused commitment. The depth and thoroughness of the course will not be compromised through this time constraint.

The core intention of this training is to learn and practice a wide range of time honoured shamanic methods of healing and transformation, building confidence in their application and nurturing the role and responsibilities as a shamanic practitioner. This inevitably requires a willingness to deep self-enquiry on what will be a powerful personal journey. Individual limitations and false beliefs will be challenged, whilst unknown and authentic hidden gifts are awakened.

As always, we will be held by the dynamic energy of community effort, ever increasing the quality and depths of working within the realms of spirit.

This training course will cover the following main subjects:

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs mainly through traumatic experiences. Through this loss one may feel incomplete, fragmented, or disassociated from life and relationships with other people. We will explore in detail the causes, treatments and the effect of a soul retrieval on a client.

Extraction Medicine

This is an ancient healing art of 'extracting spiritual intrusions' or 'misplaced energy' from a person's physical and/or ethereal body. Transmutation of these intrusions will be introduced and practiced in a safe way for both the practitioner and the client.

The Garden of Soul

This modern healing method is a form of 'shamanic counselling' which establishes direct communication between the individual and their illness/condition, nurturing a deep and intimate relationship where transformation can take place.

Ceremony & Ritual

From weddings to funerals, from rites of passages to ecstatic dancing, throughout history human kind has attempted to contact the divine via various ceremonies and rituals. We will work with a wide range of ceremonies from shamanic cultures worldwide, and you will learn about the key elements necessary to create ceremonies for the self, other individuals, the community, the land and the earth's cycles.

Earth Skills & Time in Nature

To complement the spiritual aspects we will expand our understanding of the natural environment through the application of a range of bush skills employed both for ceremonial and practical purposes. A good deal of time will be spent outdoors in the rich natural environment around the centre. This crucial connection with nature has been referred as viewing the "visible face of Spirit".

Shamanic Divination

Shamanic Divination is mediation work which involves the use of tools such as bones, twigs, stones, bark, beads etc. to foresee trends based on the present/past, or to understand the present based on patterns revealed by those tools.

Vision Quest

In ancient cultures throughout the world, Quests were used as doorways to enter spiritual realms and expand self-knowledge. Towards the end of the Training participants will undertake an overnight Vision Quest retreating into nature and solitude, providing the opportunity to find a sacred space within that is real, honest, and true.


Medicine Wheel

The original use and purpose of the Medicine Wheel are open to conjecture, although today the primary function of the Medicine Wheel is a ceremonial tool for healing and self-discovery. A variety of uses of this ancient tool will be shared with you, including the exploration of your personal unique Medicine Wheel through the spirit keepers of the four directions.

Healing Circles

The synergy of Group Healing work lies at the heart of core shamanic practices and provides opportunities for healing that simply cannot be found otherwise. We will be working in-depth with this ancient form of healing, participants will assume a range of roles in this highly collaborative practice with every participant having the opportunity to be on the receiving end.

The Ancestral Realms

Without the Ancestors, we would not exist. They bequeath us life - we inherit it from them. All indigenous societies recognise and revere their Ancestors and we will commune and work with our blood ancestors as well as ancestral spirit teachers and shamans.

'Psychopomp' and Death as our Ally

Part of our journey together will be dealing with the issues of death. This includes the method of 'psychopomp', a Greek term meaning 'to lead the soul', helping earthbound spirits to cross over to the land of light.

Art, Music & Dance

Essential to any kind of shamanic work is integration of an experience, and manifestation of the underlying intention of the practices. Music and dance will be commonly employed to aid this process plus a range of creative activities such as the making of sacred objects, drawing, wittling, and the making of ceremonial items such as smudge sticks.

Venue: The course will take place at the beautiful 'Lodge on the Loch' in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire:

Pricing & Information

The training is limited to 22 participants and consists of three ten day gatherings at the 'Lodge on the Loch' with a programme of supervised practices to be undertaken at home. It starts in February 2020 and completes in January 2021, followed by a three month period of integration and correspondence work. This course fulfils the necessary requirements to work as a shamanic practitioner and, with successful completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate. For details of application, please contact Twobirds at

The gatherings start on Friday evening and finish a week on Sunday at 2pm.


7 - 16 February    /    7 - 16 August


8 - 17 January

Cost: £2945.00 (fully residential)

The cost includes all tuition, most materials and supervision of work undertaken at home.

The 'Ancient Ways - Introduction to Shamanism' or equivalent is the prerequisite for this training.